Carved With Beauty


Hello there! I am Cara A. and  for my first ever entry, I want to share a poem (titled “Carved with Beauty”) that came to life in the mind of my 12 year old self.

Golden sun rising above

Among sapphire skies I love

Surrounded by cream puffs of clouds

Creating magic in my eyes, no doubt


Emeralds of grass beneath my feet

With spouts of colorful flowers

Where buzzing and rainbow creatures meet

Sipping nectar with all of their power


Birds of different kinds

Chirping and humming melodies in my ear

Unleashing creative imagination in my mind

And providing music I need to hear


I could go on and on

From morning till dawn

Highlights of each pleasure

Which gives majestic pleasure

Gift of the Almighty

The place carved with beauty

What’s so special about this poem? This was the first (I think) ever poem I’ve written. Before, I was a girl who despised both reading and writing. I used to think it was a waste of time. And then during the 7th grade, I got invited to a journalism workshop during the summer. And despite the many reasons I gave my parents as to why I should not go and waste a week of my summer, I was still forced to go. They said it was an opportunity and that I should grab it. Maybe they saw some potential in me, even just a little. And so I went, thinking I was putting a week, 7 long days, of my summer to waste. Well, I was wrong. I was a changed girl after those 7 days. I was, and still am, a girl who enjoyed writing (and reading, of course). This poem is one of the turning points, one of the reasons why I started to believe in myself and my capabilities.

*Disclaimer: Photos used are taken by yours truly

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