Pushing Daisies: Pie maker brings back the dead.


2016 is going to be filled with exciting new shows and exciting new seasons. From the long-awaited Sherlock Special to the new season of Agent Carter. But like any good things that happens to life, it’s good to look back time to time on those shows that might have been overlooked or may have been remembered dearly. This may have been the case for Pushing Daisies. It’s either you know it or you never knew it existed. If you’re looking for a show to break you away from the modern tv that we have now, look no further.

Pushing Daisies is about Ned (Lee Pace), a pie maker with an extraordinary gift. He can bring back the dead with a single touch. I’ll repeat that: A pie maker that can bring back the deadInteresting? Keep reading. But there are certain rules to this gift:  If he does bring back the dead and they live for more than a minute, then something or someone has to take over. Basically, for every action there is an equal reaction. A person for a person within proximity of the alive-again person. Touch that alive-again person twice, dead again. Forever. But if Ned happens to touch the person before a minute, then an exchange would have not occurred. I have to clarify that this rule also works for animals and plants. Confusing? Don’t worry. You’ll get used to the concept as you follow the show.

One of the factors that makes the show amusing is that a pie maker works with a detective who’s only after the reward in every case. This detective, Emerson Cod (Chi McBride), asks Ned to extract information from the dead as a lead for a case. When they find the killer, they split the cash in half. All seems all and well until this part-time job of Ned leads to the discovery of his childhood sweetheart, named Charlotte “Chuck” Charles (Anna Friel), in a coffin, a victim of a murder. What happens next? Go figure.

This show is quirky without a doubt. The show’s visuals are aesthetically pleasing, especially that they have set-up the show much like a story book with a narrator even! And I have to say that it fits well with the story. There’s even moments where Kristin Chenoweth would break out in song due to unrequited love. The problem? The show ended only at season 2. At the end, I recommend you to watch this show. Binge watch it even, if you must.

Finished watching and you don’t know what to do next? Check out the site of Bryan Fuller, the creator of the show, Living Dead Guy. There he released all of the scripts of the show, which is very rare for a creator and writer of a show to do.



Written by Angelica Marie M. Casuela

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