Defining a Dream from when I was 13

Written in 2012, revised in 2016

“A dream is a wish your heart makes…”

Everyone has dreams of course, and these dreams aren’t just the little bits of thoughts our mind creates when we’re asleep. These dreams, I believe, are our barely noticeable signals of the subconscious minds that gives us the signs for our next actions and aims. People say that when we believe, our dreams will come true. Believe in what actually? We believe in ourselves so that we may have the urge and the willingness to have the guts in taking risks and recognize the signals our dreams show in making us move forward. Although, believing in one’s self is just the first step in reaching the aims and the wishes of people from deep inside themselves.

Our lives are full of mysteries and surprises. The unexpected is always expected to happen, and the expected would most of the time be doubted when it happens. This could just be one of the reasons why we’re needing a high dosage of positivity and calmness of mind. Of course, we also need to add a self belief in achieving one’s expectation also. But, what holds us back are sometimes confusing ourselves too much because of the extreme lack and and extreme overflow of thoughts. Because of this, we may be in a limbo. When one is lost in their minds, mere positive belief may work, but the actual experience and initiative to change is needed. Our motivation to go back there would’ve had a lot of meaning for us. They are the ones in us shouting out that we could go survive the world and its challenges. They get us back on our feet to achieve a dream. Others have their life already planned for they were motivated from the start, and they recognized their passion or dream right away. Professional ballet dancers for example are some of the most committed people on Earth. Some commit their whole life just for dancing even to the point of dancing yet receiving injuries. Athletes are also the same. They love what they do and they seem like they’ve got their whole life together.

Our dreams are our wishes from our hearts. There are times when our mind tells us to stop enduring the pain, yet our heart tells us to go. If we follow our heart in doing our dreams and don’t give up while we still have time to live on this Earth, then we may find that emptiness inside us filled up with grit and optimism.”No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true…”

Written by Kamyl Reyes 

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