My Spotify Playlist


by JC Benavidez

After every tiring day, I look forward to the car ride home when I can listen to my favorite music in my Spotify playlist. As some people might know, Spotify is a handy application for people who want to download their favorite songs legally without having to buy them individually. Having Spotify is similar to gaining access to an infinitely large library of songs that requires nothing but an internet connection to use. It is probably the best application for all people who just want to listen to their favorite songs on their phone.

There is a feature in Spotify that enables me to handpick my favorite songs and place them under a specific playlist of my liking. My playlist in Spotify features a variety of genres. Pop, Urban, Classical, Rock, Indie, and a few more. I add new songs as time goes by.

Among all the genres, I often listen to Alternative Rock. This is because of my favorite band, Panic! At The Disco. Their songs can give me both happy and sad vibes. Their song “Always” is a favorite of mine because of its caressing and endearing lyrics.




Under Pop, John Legend takes the most number of songs in my playlist. His powerful voice gives me the impression that he can sing forever without losing pitch. His song “Everybody Knows” is one I frequently revisit on my Spotify sessions.

Under the urban category, I listen to Eminem, Witt Lowry, and twenty one pilots. I consider Witt Lowry’s “Kindest Regards” a lyrical masterpiece that is more than deserving of a listen as its words capture the emotions of Witt Lowry himself.

Some of my classical songs are from the great Luciano Pavarotti. “Nessun Dorma” and “La Donna e Mobile” make the hair on my arms stand every time I listen to them. His voice is truly heaven for the ears.

Up to this day, these songs are still on repeat each time I use Spotify. Nevertheless, I am still expanding my playlist and adding songs of different kinds to give my playlist more variation. I strongly recommend that all people should give them a listen, for they are nothing less than magical.










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