Not Tomorrow Yet (TWD S6E12)


Love. Action. Blood. Three words to summarize the whole episode of The Walking Dead which was released just yesterday. With only four episodes remaining in this season (cue crying), there’s no doubt that every second will keep the fans on the edge of their seats (we hope so), especially with the new characters introduced plus a new villain who has yet to appear. (maybe we’ll finally get a glimpse next week?)

Going back to yesterday’s episode titled “Not Tomorrow Yet”, the 12th one this season, it seems that love is in the air (along with the stench of rotting flesh?), with a few kisses here and some flirty I Love Yous there. And of course, with love comes the inevitable heartbreak. (brown dingleberries, anyone?)

Mind you, this is just like a quarter of the episode, because what’s TWD without some blood and action, right? The episode revolved around the group’s attack on the so-called Saviors headed by the bad (very bad) guy Negan. With the help of two members from Hilltop Colony, a community they’ve just recently discovered and apparently the suppliers of the Saviors, they were able to successfully invade Negan’s compound and kill almost all of the Saviors because that was the deal (part of) right? To save one Hilltop member and kill Negan and the Saviors in exchange for food. (what a trade) And just when you think you can finally let out a sigh of relief, a walkie talkie comes in bringing some bad (sad) news.

Below are 10 very interesting things that happened this episode that made me squeal, shout, hide behind a pillow, shed a tear (or two), made my stomach hurt and just shattered my heart into pieces (in chronological order):


1. Weeds or Wildflowers

What could be better than Carol opening the episode, all smiles while distributing beet and acorn flavored cookies among the Alexandrians?  Let’s not forget the background music.


2. Cookie Monster

I was wondering who the lucky one was, getting just one cookie from Carol. Turns out he really was lucky, getting a cookie even on his deathbed. Carol remembered the little cookie monster, Sam! Isn’t that just sweet?


3. “You’re a mom.”

Harmless flirting turned honest feelings confession! As if Tobin’s words weren’t sweet enough, they sealed it with a kiss! You go, Mommy Carol!


4. Berry Heartbreaking

“When I first met you, I thought you were the last woman on earth. You’re not.” Ouch. It seems that Abe here cannot control his feelings anymore. But to say those things to a woman, and not just any woman but your, I believe, now ex-girlfriend? Harsh. Very harsh. I think Rosita deserves a better explanation than dingleberries being brown.


5. Three-word Blurt Alert

And of course, Tara just happened to blurt out the three magical words to her lovey-doctor, Denise! Unfortunately, she won’t say it back until Tara gets back from the attack and her two-week supply run with Heath.


6. Happy Birthday

I wonder who’s birthday was it? Well I guess we wouldn’t know now that the guy got his throat slit.


7. First Kill

I guess Glenn isn’t too innocent anymore. Dare I say it, Rick (and his plans) took the remaining innocence in his body. And his reaction is just heartbreaking, especially after taking care of Heath’s target, sparing him from the dirty job of killing people in their sleep.


8. Bloody Gallery

I’m not sure what hurts more, seeing those pictures of people with their brains gushing out of their heads, or seeing Glenn looking at those pictures. Either way, I don’t want to talk about what it’s trying to tell us. I refuse to believe it’s going to happen. I mean, we just got Glenn back!


9. Fire Alarm

The fire alarm that started the action. Finally, a fair fight!


10. Walkie Talkie

What a miracle! No casualties after an intense fight? Simply amazing. Then comes the guy in Daryl’s motorcycle with his walkie talkie bringing some bad, sad news. I guess I spoke too soon.


Bonus: Morgan Construction

Towards the end of the episode, we can see Morgan building what appears to be a jail cell, maybe like the one he stayed in at Eastman’s house. Who’s he gonna use it for though? Himself? Or maybe it’s for Rick. He needs the whole “Life is precious” mantra more than anyone else.


*Disclaimer: GIFs used were obtained from Google and pictures used were screenshots from the episode.

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