Rising High


Another flashback poem written by mini me to show my appreciation and gratitude to my parents.


You looked at me with love

From the very first moment you saw me

As you thanked God above

Your eyes were filled with glee


 My first footsteps, my first word

You never missed any of those

“Mama, Dada!” The cheery voice you heard

“Oh my! How fast she grows!”


“Wake up, wake up! Time for school!” you say

I ask for five minutes while you prepare for my day

You accompany me and guide the way

Leave my safety to strangers, much to your dismay


Rains and thunders, here they come

Even the darkest days you make it blossom

You hold me throughout the whole night

Whispering “Everything’s going to be alright.”


Tears filled your eyes

As another year passes by

Time will come when we have to say our goodbyes

But our love will continue rising high

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