As the celestial sun comes down

The mighty chariot takes its flight

I fly with my stallions across the town

Taking my place as mother of the night


Oh Luna, the Romans called!

Your beauty astounds the heaven

God and mortal alike are enthralled

Admired and envied by a lot of women


Despite the long list of admirers and lovers

My heart belongs to only a shepherd, a hunter

Endymion, our love is everlasting and forever

Couldn’t take the thought of you gone

So I put you in an eternal slumber

Along with our fifty daughters,

We will be together forever


Daughter of Hyperion and Theia

Sister to Helios, the sun, and Eos, the dawn

Together we rule the skies

With the clouds and the stars as our pawn


I am Selene

Goddess of the Moon

Mother of the Night

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