Letters and Wishes

Forever and a day

“My dear, my dear” he said to me,
“Please give this to my love
For in here is a memory
I long for her to have

I beg you now, please pass it on
This is my last goodbye
It cannot wait, not ’til the dawn”
And soon he closed his eyes

Today’s my last, today I fall
But know it’s not the end
It’s time to answer heaven’s call
It’s time I leave and wend

My love for you was always true
Now, in your heart I’ll stay
Believe me, I will wait for you
Forever and a day

*This poem, admittedly, was the cheesiest I’ve ever written (I was around 14 when I wrote it). I did this in an English class back when I was a sophomore.


He was but a child, at the age of five
The moment he first saw the star
So he wished and hoped it would give tonight
Some peace from all their shouts and strife

He was fifteen, no more hope to be seen
In the place he had once called “home”
He looked up at the sky
Saw a gleaming white light
That shined over the miles and miles he’d roamed

Twenty-five years old, out there in the cold
Still wishing, dreaming, asking “Why?”
Wishing everything will be alright
And dreaming of a better life
He tries to look and see beyond
The haze that’s clouded his mind
Just like the darkness
His life had become
But instead he sees a glow
Out there, in the distance
And this time he decides
To think, think twice
And so he looked away

At age thirty-five, now living his life
And looking back at the things that have gone
That grown-up boy sees the same old star
Yet after all that’s been said and done,
After all the years that passed,
Only then did he realize
There are just two things wishes could become

A mere fantasy
Or reality

Moral of the story (poem)? A wish is not enough. A wish stays a wish until you do something yourself to make it come true and make it happen.

*Another poem I made in an English class, 2 years later.

Written by ZM

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