In the past few weeks, I’ve been acquainted with the Google Cardboard. A Virtual Reality (VR) viewer that allows ordinary people like me to experience 360 videos. But this isn’t just any ordinary product. Once I tried to work it out, I was so amazed. Wherever my head turned either left, right, up or down, I saw a new reality. From Paris, France to the deepest parts of the jungle, I felt like I was there! There was even a rollercoaster VR app that allows people to experience how riding a roller coaster feels like when you see it.

My brother was the one who bought the Google Cardboard, and it was funny because he too was more amazed than I was. In the United States, the price would be less than the price here in the Philippines. Although, there are other VR viewers that are really catered to one’s comfort in watching such as the ones made of plastic and the ones with built in speakers.


The google cardboard looked like this. You place your smartphone on the front to where the lens of the google cardboard are aligned. The video on your phone would have two divisions for the two eyes.

maxresdefaultphoto from

What is cool about this is that the world nowadays is truly advancing in technology. The future is here! Who would’ve known that us humans would invent something as awesome as the VR  in just a few years? Virtual reality is commonly used in the gaming industry, as well as the media. There are even music videos that are filmed 360 degrees. VR gives a fresh feeling in the tech industry, and of course, there’s more to come in the future years. We humans would just have to keep on becoming curiouser and curiouser.


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