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Letters and Wishes

Forever and a day

“My dear, my dear” he said to me,
“Please give this to my love
For in here is a memory
I long for her to have

I beg you now, please pass it on
This is my last goodbye
It cannot wait, not ’til the dawn”
And soon he closed his eyes

Today’s my last, today I fall
But know it’s not the end
It’s time to answer heaven’s call
It’s time I leave and wend

My love for you was always true
Now, in your heart I’ll stay
Believe me, I will wait for you
Forever and a day

*This poem, admittedly, was the cheesiest I’ve ever written (I was around 14 when I wrote it). I did this in an English class back when I was a sophomore.


He was but a child, at the age of five
The moment he first saw the star
So he wished and hoped it would give tonight
Some peace from all their shouts and strife

He was fifteen, no more hope to be seen
In the place he had once called “home”
He looked up at the sky
Saw a gleaming white light
That shined over the miles and miles he’d roamed

Twenty-five years old, out there in the cold
Still wishing, dreaming, asking “Why?”
Wishing everything will be alright
And dreaming of a better life
He tries to look and see beyond
The haze that’s clouded his mind
Just like the darkness
His life had become
But instead he sees a glow
Out there, in the distance
And this time he decides
To think, think twice
And so he looked away

At age thirty-five, now living his life
And looking back at the things that have gone
That grown-up boy sees the same old star
Yet after all that’s been said and done,
After all the years that passed,
Only then did he realize
There are just two things wishes could become

A mere fantasy
Or reality

Moral of the story (poem)? A wish is not enough. A wish stays a wish until you do something yourself to make it come true and make it happen.

*Another poem I made in an English class, 2 years later.

Written by ZM

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As the celestial sun comes down

The mighty chariot takes its flight

I fly with my stallions across the town

Taking my place as mother of the night


Oh Luna, the Romans called!

Your beauty astounds the heaven

God and mortal alike are enthralled

Admired and envied by a lot of women


Despite the long list of admirers and lovers

My heart belongs to only a shepherd, a hunter

Endymion, our love is everlasting and forever

Couldn’t take the thought of you gone

So I put you in an eternal slumber

Along with our fifty daughters,

We will be together forever


Daughter of Hyperion and Theia

Sister to Helios, the sun, and Eos, the dawn

Together we rule the skies

With the clouds and the stars as our pawn


I am Selene

Goddess of the Moon

Mother of the Night

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Rising High


Another flashback poem written by mini me to show my appreciation and gratitude to my parents.


You looked at me with love

From the very first moment you saw me

As you thanked God above

Your eyes were filled with glee


 My first footsteps, my first word

You never missed any of those

“Mama, Dada!” The cheery voice you heard

“Oh my! How fast she grows!”


“Wake up, wake up! Time for school!” you say

I ask for five minutes while you prepare for my day

You accompany me and guide the way

Leave my safety to strangers, much to your dismay


Rains and thunders, here they come

Even the darkest days you make it blossom

You hold me throughout the whole night

Whispering “Everything’s going to be alright.”


Tears filled your eyes

As another year passes by

Time will come when we have to say our goodbyes

But our love will continue rising high

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Defining a Dream from when I was 13

Written in 2012, revised in 2016

“A dream is a wish your heart makes…”

Everyone has dreams of course, and these dreams aren’t just the little bits of thoughts our mind creates when we’re asleep. These dreams, I believe, are our barely noticeable signals of the subconscious minds that gives us the signs for our next actions and aims. People say that when we believe, our dreams will come true. Believe in what actually? We believe in ourselves so that we may have the urge and the willingness to have the guts in taking risks and recognize the signals our dreams show in making us move forward. Although, believing in one’s self is just the first step in reaching the aims and the wishes of people from deep inside themselves.

Our lives are full of mysteries and surprises. The unexpected is always expected to happen, and the expected would most of the time be doubted when it happens. This could just be one of the reasons why we’re needing a high dosage of positivity and calmness of mind. Continue reading

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Carved With Beauty


Hello there! I am Cara A. and  for my first ever entry, I want to share a poem (titled “Carved with Beauty”) that came to life in the mind of my 12 year old self.

Golden sun rising above

Among sapphire skies I love

Surrounded by cream puffs of clouds

Creating magic in my eyes, no doubt


Emeralds of grass beneath my feet

With spouts of colorful flowers

Where buzzing and rainbow creatures meet

Sipping nectar with all of their power


Birds of different kinds

Chirping and humming melodies in my ear

Unleashing creative imagination in my mind

And providing music I need to hear


I could go on and on

From morning till dawn

Highlights of each pleasure

Which gives majestic pleasure

Gift of the Almighty

The place carved with beauty

What’s so special about this poem? This was the first (I think) ever poem I’ve written. Before, I was a girl who despised both reading and writing. I used to think it was a waste of time. And then during the 7th grade, I got invited to a journalism workshop during the summer. And despite the many reasons I gave my parents as to why I should not go and waste a week of my summer, I was still forced to go. They said it was an opportunity and that I should grab it. Maybe they saw some potential in me, even just a little. And so I went, thinking I was putting a week, 7 long days, of my summer to waste. Well, I was wrong. I was a changed girl after those 7 days. I was, and still am, a girl who enjoyed writing (and reading, of course). This poem is one of the turning points, one of the reasons why I started to believe in myself and my capabilities.

*Disclaimer: Photos used are taken by yours truly

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